The Shady Side of the Sausage Party: Analogue Drugs in the Male Enhancement Industry

By: Jessi Minneci

When you take a prescription medication, such as Viagra®, you can more or less rest assured knowing what you’re dealing with – including the medication’s ingredients, possible side effects, and so on. That’s because Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all pharmaceuticals be labeled completely with ingredients, tested for safety, and backed with evidence surrounding their marketing claims.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t hold true for over the counter drugs, medicines, and supplements – including many offerings in the male enhancement industry.

The problem? These over the counter (OTC) pills are barely regulated… if at all. Supplement makers aren’t required to prove their products are safe or even effective before putting them on store shelves. Therefore, the line separating those supplements that are actually natural from the phonies is very blurred. It’s a scary truth that lends to the shadiness of the male enhancement industry.

The truth about supplement regulation

Recent studies suggest that, not only are many dietary supplements marketed for erectile dysfunction ineffective, but a number of them are laced with the drugs they claim to replace (like Viagra and Cialis). So what gives, and how can you ensure your supplement is what it claims to be?

According to their website, “the FDA does not review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.” Therefore, the creators of the supplements are the ones responsible for making sure their products are safe.

On one hand, the FDA and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have repeatedly attempted to crack down on what they refer to as “legal high” supplements that contain analogues of chemicals (such as THC) or other substances marketed for recreational use. When it comes to the recreational drug industry, these agencies are making waves.

But on the other hand, they’ve taken little action against male sexual enhancement manufacturers and those who illegally include active drugs in what are supposed to be “natural” products.

This un-regulation creates a dangerous and slippery slope when it comes to health and safety – especially when dealing with this industry (and products that commonly target fragile systems such as the blood supply and energy production of the body).

 Where the shade comes into play


A recent analyzation conducted by doctors at Harvard University details the unfortunate commonness in OTC supplement lacing. In the findings, Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, illustrates several incidents where sexual enhancement supplements were found to contain other substances:

  • 77 percent of “natural” male enhancement supplements contained undeclared pharmaceutical drugs, often in higher-than-recommended doses

 A supplement called Rock Hard for Men was found to contain both counterfeit Cialis and glyburide, a diabetes drug (we mentioned this incident in our most recent blog)

  • More than 45 new analogues (chemical variants of prescription drugs) have been identified in sexual supplements in recent years

What’s the deal with analogues?

Analogues are unregulated, chemical variants on prescription drugs. They are particularly dangerous because they have never been tested on humans, and so potential side effects are a mystery. This potential danger becomes paramount, especially, when those analogues are mixed with the various ingredients present in the particular supplement.

When you take an OTC sexual enhancement supplement, you have no real way of knowing whether that product is adulterated with analogue inhibitors or other drugs that could have harmful effects.

Experts say these potentially-harmful products are typically manufactured in China and sold either online or in health food or convenience stores.  We’re talking about a countless number of brands with millions and millions of tainted pills.

And each time you decide to take one of these possibly tainted pills, it is almost as if you are playing Russian roulette with the outcome.

Dr. Seltzer’s difference

Manufactured with absolutely no chemicals and/or hidden ingredients, Dr. Seltzer’s Hard-On Helper is truly, 100 percent natural. We’re the guys you and your pecker can trust!

Essentially, we fill the void for a real (and honest) OTC Viagra® – a green product that has the effectiveness of its prescription counterparts without the nasty side effects possible with other, shady alternatives. In fact, our only side effect is a rock-hard boner and an insanely satisfied partner!

We use all-natural ingredients that you know, can pronounce, and trust. In fact, we break down our entire list of ingredients on our website. With nothing to hide, we’re here to show you how effective – and rewarding – natural products can be.

So how does it work? Just take one capsule of Dr. Seltzer’s Hard-On Helper with plenty of water one-two hours before sex. Just remember to use it, as with any supplement, responsibly:

  • Don’t take two capsules (or another capsule) within 24 hours
  • When used as directed there should be no side effects
    • Still, exercise caution if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Do not take with any stimulant and/or other medications for potency enhancement
  • Consult your doctor/physician before taking if currently being treated for a medical condition
  • Seltzer’s Hard-On Helper is intended for male adults only

That’s all there is to it – for real!

Going the extra mile for the best


Actually, forget miles! We know that when it comes to male enhancement, even inches matter. That’s why, at Dr. Seltzer’s, we strive to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied from beginning to end.

Beyond avoiding conversations with their doctors, we’ve noticed that many men seek out natural remedies for sexual dysfunction because they are too embarrassed to fill prescribed medications at their local pharmacy. Instead of grabbing the whatever-it’s-called, shady supplement from the local gas station, Hard-On Helper offers you a safe alternative.

With discrete shipping, packaging, and billing, you can rest assured knowing that you’re not only getting a safe and natural product, but you’ll also be able to take care of your business without making an uncomfortable trip to the pharmacy line.

When it comes to the male enhancement supplement industry, there are a lot of gray areas. But we have a dedication to our clients, and want them to stay safe and satisfied. Trust in Dr. Seltzer’s Hard-On Helper for an honest, natural, and effective product. You and your Johnson will thank us!

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